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Final Fantasy Custom Starter Set Final Fantasy X

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Set Includes:

•Pre-built Deck (Wind/Water): 50 cards
•Customization cards: 50 cards
•Quick Starter Guide: 1
•Deck Customization Guide: 1

We are excited to present our first release of 2022, and another powerful addition to the ever-expanding FFTCG range.
This brand new type of starter consists of 1 preconstructed deck of 50 cards, and an additional 50 cards that can be used to customize the deck. The initial deck is based on the Wind & Water elements, but it can easily be turned into a Fire/Water or Fire/Wind deck by swapping out either element with the 24 Fire element cards included.
Aside from those, there are an additional 26 cards that can be swapped with any other card, enabling players to create their very own, customized deck! Offering great collectability, this set also aims to generously support beginners as they encounter their initial hurdle of deck construction.

Celebrating 20 years of FFX, this set includes a total of 100 cards between the [preconstructed] deck and additional cards for customization with 30 cards being Starter exclusives (10 types, 3 cards each). Among the Starter cards, one copy of Tidus [16-139S] comes in premium full art form.


•Jecht [16-131S]
•Bahamut [16-132S]
•Braska [16-133S]

•Yuna [16-134S]
•Lulu [16-135S]

•Auron [16-136S]
•Rikku [16-137S]
•Wakka [16-138S]

•Tidus [16-139S]
•Sin [16-140S]